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About Us

InsurView was launched on 1st January, 2016. It is the first vertical portal for Chinese Internet insurance industry which keeps a close eye on the innovation of policies, company structures and business models from InsurTech startups as well as insurance information. InsurView is one of Warp Speed’s incubation projects.

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Over the last year, with the goal of delivering the newest and hottest InsurTech information, InsurView released hundreds of original articles including A review for InsurTech Funding in the past 5 years, Ranking of P2P insurance startups July edition, An overview for global InsurTech startups etc. These articles were highly recommended and reposted by lieyun.com and other media.


InsurView also provides a platform for all the people interested in InsurTech by setting up a few communities and has orchestrated several online and offline events which have given community members the opportunity to share with each other.


InsurView will never forget its ultimate goal which is to present something special in the Information Age. By sharing successful startup cases, analyzing innovative business models and disseminating cutting-edge perspectives, we want to provide insurers, startups and investors with the very information they need.


  • September

    published InsurTech Startups Industry Report 2016 Autumn Edition.

  • August

    held an event called Who Is the Next InsurStar and dozens of companies participated.

  • May

    hosted a salon in Beijing for the second time.

  • April

    published InsurTech Startups Industry Report 2016 Spring Edition. The report was well received and sold thousands of copies.

  • 18th-20th
    Jan 2016

    hosted salons in Shanghai and Beijing.

  • 1st Jan

    officially launched.

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